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The first company "beautiful youth" host game ended

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    August 25 at 4:30 in the afternoon, the company the first host contest kicked off in the training room on the second floor. Eight players from the youth corps cell carefully prepared three links of skill talent contest, give everybody a wonderful feast of language. The company secretary of the party committee Huang Zhaohui attend a judge for the contest, contest judges as well as from the leading local factories, TaoFeng Shao Meiyu, elleic and trial production of new manager.

    The competition from free (prose poetry) show; Customize host performance; The individual talent show three link for comprehensive selection of players. Of the eight players from late July to sign up, after a month of training and rehearsal do enough preparation for the contest, the game part of the compact, all climax. The players on the pitch but also demonstrated the first link show, some players score, some still did photograph echo of the background for poetry, with the audience into a realm; Presided over the second link's choice, the players sense the different style, different areas of the host, has presided over the party, a music show host, entertainment lightening, broadcast, etc., financial reporting, car market is multifarious, overwhelmed, laughter, applause an endless stream; The third part is the game highlights of the link, the players personal talent show, singing, lightening, clapper talk and crosstalk, sketch, dance to the judges and audience shows another oneself, emphasize the scene cries, will the game to a new climax.

    The game in a happy atmosphere over, fine blanking factory Chen Dong with its good control in the stage, scored the game's first name, technology center Zhao Xiaoyu and new product trial production department Yang Yanli with tiny gap respectively in the game of the second and third.