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Company "towards the basket and the" worker end of basketball game

来源:本站   更新日期:2015年10月08日 浏览次数:23

    On August 27, the company "towards the basket and the" worker end of basketball game, this game compared to the previous basketball increased worker shot link, each team consists of 9 players shot (dry three, three female worker, 40 years old of above 3) and the shooting score into grade, over the last 15 games, in the end, the fine blanking factory team made with five wins the championship, technology center team and mold factory team won the runner-up and third place respectively. Assembly factory won excellent organization organization.

    In the closing ceremony of the day, the company secretary of the party committee to champion award by comrade Huang Zhaohui ZhaiWei, qing dynasty, the local three managers are excellent organization, bronze and silver awards respectively.